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About The Cihhse

 Hydrogen is praised as the "ultimate energy source" of the 21st century. It is characterized by high efficiency, high pressure, environmental protection and small size. Hydrogen conversion is regarded as the ultimate solution for new energy vehicles, and it is also an area where capital and technology are rushing into. In recent years, the United States, Japan, South Korea, the European Union and other countries and regions have provided long-term, stable and efficient support for hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology R&D, demonstration and market cultivation under the guidance of the national hydrogen fuel cell strategy. Hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology have made great progress at the international level, thus the window of industrialization is approaching. China also attaches great importance to the development of fuel cell technology. In the strategic plans such as Energy Conservation and New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Planning (2012-2020) and Made in China 2025, it is clear that China has been vigorously developing hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles. In order to better promote international cooperation in research, demonstration, promotion and applications in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell technology, the 4th China International Hydrogen, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Station Equipment Exhibition and the 4th Hydrogen Industry Development Conference co-sponsored by the China Energy Research Society Fuel Cell Special Committee, China Hydrogen Alliance, Fuel Cell Vehicle Sub-committee of CCTA (Preparatory),Transport Equipment and Safety Energy Conservation Commission of CRTA will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) in Beijing from May 19-21, 2022. It will be held concurrently with the world famous 23th China International Natural Gas Vehicle and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition and Summit. By that time, more than 300 companies from more than 20 countries and regions will participate in this exhibition with an total exhibition area of 40,000 square meters. Sincerely welcome your active participation in this session of event!

Scope of Exhibition

Hydrogen Production Equipment Technology and Hydrogen Supply

equipment and technology for production of hydrogen;reforming equipment/technology;diverse hydrogen production equipment/technology (steam reforming of natural gas, hydrogen production by methanol cracking, hydrogen from coal, production of hydrogen from water electrolysis, production of hydrogen by chemical, production of hydrogen from renewable energy etc.); hydrogen corporation; hydrogen supply corporation; methane/propane/ethane/methanol; pure hydrogen; synthesis of hydrogen; mix hydrogen; gasoline/kerosene/solvent oil; hydrogen gas detection equipment.

Hydrogenation Equipment

Hydrogenation reaction kettle,hydrogen pressure digestion vessel,Hydrogenation reactors,high pressure heat exchanger,high pressure separator,hydrogenation heater, hydrogen desulfurization device.

The Hydrogen Storage and Related Equipment

Hydrogen storage tank, hydrogen sensor, distributor, hydrogen storage alloys, related materials of hydrogen storage ,hydrogen pipelines ,pump, valve, special transport vehicles etc; the related equipment :gas turbine/steam turbine, inverter/converter, absorption -type refrigerator, other related technology equipment , purified water manufacturing equipment, grinder/distributor/mixer, cleaning equipment, melting furnace /drying furnace/firing furnace, computer-aided manufacturing etc.

Fuel Cells System and Application Achievements

PEMFC, AFC, MCFC, SOFC,PAFC, PBI-PEMFC, DMFC,MAFC and other fuel cells system and its production; hydrogen internal combustion engine etc; application results included: communication base station (emergency power supply/backup power supply), mobile phones and special market, other applications etc.

Key Components and Supply-end Technology

electrode/catalyst, membrane electrode assembly, other cell materials, gaseous diffusion film, isolation membrane, heat utilization /thermal technology, gas-eclectic system, radiator, heater, hot water storage tank, heat exchanger, technology supplying: valve/connector, chemical oxide, compressor, carbon nano-tubes, pump, blower, other related technology production; evaluation/test/analysis: single cell test equipment, electronic load instrument, hydrogen sensor ,gas analysis equipment, analysis soft(structure, thermal, electromagnetic, fluid, noise),electrical characteristics evaluation, material testing instruments, cell side-equipment.

Hydrogen Stations Equipment

hydrogen vehicle transport cylinder group, hydrogen gas metering devices, hydrogen compression system, hydrogen storage system, sale system, control system, liquid hydrogen transport vehicles.

Liquid Chemical Manufacturing

purification equipment compressor, expander and liquid equipment ,storage and purification instrument, cold box heat exchanger.

Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles,On-vehicles Hydrogen System,Integrated Display

hydrogen fuel cell buses, commercial vehicles, family cars, light truck, special vehicles, engineering vehicles.hydrogen pressure reducer, pressure switch, cycle pump, analysis instrument , transfer instrument, flow meter , instrument etc.hydrogen infrastructure, hydrogen patents and transfer of patents achievements, hydrogen demonstration area, hydrogen area, college and research institution etc.

Reasons for Attending

Domestic Authorities

Chinese Society of Astronautics, CHIA(the most authoritative organization in China hydrogen industry), China Communications and Transportation Association, Transportation Equipment and Safety Energy Saving Committee of CRTA and FCV Branch of CCTA will work together for the success of this exhibition and for the promotion of the whole industry.

The Industry Chain Platform
Industry Elite Gathered

Experts and professionals form the CHIA(the most authoritative organization in China hydrogen industry), the China Communications and Transportation Association, the Transportation Equipment and Safety Energy Saving Committee of CRTA, the NGVS Branch of CCTA , Hydrogen Standardization Committee and other top authorities at home and abroad will gather here to discuss the new future of hydrogen.

Sharing Mass Audience with the Most Influential Exhibition

The 19th NGVS and Gas Station Equipment Exhibition will be held with this exhibition at the same time. Over 30 professional meetings will be convoked and 1,000 professionals will share their thought at the exhibition.

Support from Top International Academic Journals

The excellent thesis selected will be published on the additional edition of The International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. It is a top industry's journal that can be searched by SCI and EI and trusted by many professionals of the industry.

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